Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Edga Allan Poe-Happy Birthday Our Dearly Departed Poet

As any Poe enthusiast knows, for years there has been an unknown person who has gone to Poe's grave-site and left behind Cognac and a Rose. The Huffington Post reported today that this Unknown individual had not shown today. Upon reading this I almost cried, although this iconic poet has many followers and admirers to this day, it was disheartening and it almost like this unknown individual abandoned our poet.

My most formal introduction to the poet and his classic the Raven, was in my freshman english class in high school. My instruction of my AP English class, gave us each a candle, on our desk, lit it. and then he began to read it with the lights in the class room dimmed. This is my most vivid Memory of Mr. Boutin. He is what inspired me to become an English teacher, what pushed me to see the beauty in the written word. At that moment, hearing the words, seeing them on the mimeographed pages that lay before me on those uncomfortable desks at 6th period. I saw the beauty of the written word, I saw the power of the English language. I always like to say Salinger was the one who lead me down the path of loving the written word, but in all truth, I am sure Poe was just as strong as of an influence.

So my dearly deceased poet, I wish you a Happy Birthday, thank you for your inspiration... and the inspiration and horrifying wonderment you have given us all..

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