What Is BookGeekIsm?

 BookGeekism doesn't just refer to a love of reading, it's a love of books as well. Those physical items that we love that take up room on our bookshelves that become personal treasures. Their heft in our hands, those touchstones into worlds that we always wish to exist in even momentarily.  BookGeekism is one who treasures books, who treats them like the sacred relics they actually are to true bibliophiles.  BookGeekism is what it is, geeking out about books.. that internal "Squee" you feel when you come across a new book that you must own, must read.

In the case of the BookGeekism Blog It is predominately a blog of my own personal, and honest reviews of books that I read.  Most of the reviews you will read will be my own.  At other times there will be guest contributors if there is a book that has been read and loved and deserves to have a review put out for all you to read.