Tuesday, February 2, 2010

from the shelf to a mountain of books

Organizing and cataloging have turned into a bigger endeavor than I had originally anticipated. I had purchased the book cataloging software from Collectorz.com, it utilizes the Cuecat scanner to scan barcodes on books and then upload all the ISBN information into their software creating a wonderful and easy to use database. I love this software and definitely recommend it to anyone who has a large library.

Yesterday afternoon, I had decided to scan the few volumes I had on my small 3 shelf bookshelf. I hadn't planned on so many volumes, I had wrongly assumed that since most were paperbacks/trade paperbacks that there wouldn't be so many. I had already scanned most of the volumes previously but as I continued it was 200 volumes that I had scanned as the afternoon progressed into night. Unfortunately now most of these volumes are neatly stacked in piles on the floor until I can go through and rearrange the books by genre, the alphabetize them. Yeah I'm hardcore like that. :).

As I was going through the volumes I did notice that I need to get hardcover volumes of the paperback volumes that I own, only because of the fact that I'm partial to them simply because of how they look on my bookshelf. I still have my large bookshelf to conquer but I think that will have to wait till a later date or at least till my vacation. The task is turning into a bigger venture than I had planned.

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